Friday, November 6, 2009


Where did this talent come from?

First of all, he's two!
Secondly, Lee and I neither one can draw. In fact, these faces that Connor drew are just about as good if not better than what we can muster up.
You can clearly see the faces he is drawing.
He's really funny about because this is what he does:

Picks up the marker and pauses for a minute.
Then says: "Hmm....Let's draw...Elmo". "Ok, draw Elmo"
The proceeds to draw Elmo or Grouch or Zoe or whomever he decides.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Driving down the road the other day, Connor was pitching a fit because he wanted a pair of sunglasses.
That, of course, were behind my seat on the floor. Out of reach.
Repeatedly, over and over, he asked for them.
I kept telling him that I couldn't reach them, and that I was driving.
Finally, clearly frustrated, I raised my voice a little higher and enunciated each word. Ya know, to get the point across........
That. I. Could. Not. Get. Them. While. I. Was. Driving.
So, Connor responds by saying "Mommy, you need to eelax"..........*sigh*
Yes, he told me to "eelax".
Or in other words Relax.
And then let out a big sigh, as if to say I was frustrating him.
Two is a little too big.