Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Where did this talent come from?

First of all, he's two!
Secondly, Lee and I neither one can draw. In fact, these faces that Connor drew are just about as good if not better than what we can muster up.
You can clearly see the faces he is drawing.
He's really funny about because this is what he does:

Picks up the marker and pauses for a minute.
Then says: "Hmm....Let's draw...Elmo". "Ok, draw Elmo"
The proceeds to draw Elmo or Grouch or Zoe or whomever he decides.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Driving down the road the other day, Connor was pitching a fit because he wanted a pair of sunglasses.
That, of course, were behind my seat on the floor. Out of reach.
Repeatedly, over and over, he asked for them.
I kept telling him that I couldn't reach them, and that I was driving.
Finally, clearly frustrated, I raised my voice a little higher and enunciated each word. Ya know, to get the point across........
That. I. Could. Not. Get. Them. While. I. Was. Driving.
So, Connor responds by saying "Mommy, you need to eelax"..........*sigh*
Yes, he told me to "eelax".
Or in other words Relax.
And then let out a big sigh, as if to say I was frustrating him.
Two is a little too big.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

First time.....

Carving a pumpkin!

Naturally it had to be Blue's Clues.

Connor just dove right in!

Connor cleaned the pumpkin.

Daddy designed the pumpkin.

Mommy carved the pumpkin.

Connor kept saying "Good job Mommy, Good job!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corn and Pumpkins.

My Mom and little brother were in town and we decided to take the kids to the Corn maze and Pumpkin patch.

Good 'ole fashioned fall fun.
Playing chase.
Big Corn Maze.

No....You can NOT eat that corn.

Punching the maze card!

Getting lost.

Kid sized tractors.

Choosing the right pumpkin is hard!

Got mine!

Got mine!
Ahhh........ I love fall.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week.

This week I realized that at 28, I still need my mama.

I am so grateful that she was here this week, and that she was able to help me.

Connor came down with strep first. Then I did, and it turned into bronchitis.


I got the flu two days later.

Lee had some major stuff going on at work, and was there almost round the clock, and was completely unavailable to me.

My mom is one of those super, multi-tasking, can-do-it-all, mothers that I am very blessed to have.

It's nice to know that at 28, I still have my mama to take care of me.

Monday, September 7, 2009


The largest Fireworks show in the nation.
Definitely one of my favorite events that Knoxville puts on.

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, and I only got a few shots. Waterfall fireworks off the bridge. Beautiful.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning sickness.

Why do they call it Morning sickness?
Why don't they call it:
"All day long, from the time you wake up, til the time you go to bed, no relief, no appetite, miserable, puke when you sneeze, sickness"

Yeah, That would be more like it.
Let's not deceive anyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been robbed.

Seriously people.

My car was broken into last night.


2 dvd players and ALL of Connor's dvds......gone.

I feel so totally violated now.

I don't feel safe in my own neighborhood now.

I hate this.

I am pretty sure that I must have scared them off while they were doing it.

Here's why:

My neighbor texted me this morning at 6 am to tell me her husband's car had been broken into.

I got up and looked at the window, and indeed saw that my car door was standing wide open.

I felt my stomach drop.

I called my neighbor(who lives two doors up, before me)and got the details of her thievery.

They took everything valuable in the car and shut the door.

My door was open......hmm.

I then talked to my neighbors two doors down, past me.

Their car was unlocked, and undisturbed. hmm.......

I then talked to my neighbors four doors down, past me.

Their car was unlocked, windows down, and a laptop computer sitting on the seat. NOTHING was missing. HUH?

You see, something woke me up last night around 2 am.

I didn't know what, but I got up to go to the bathroom.

Usually I try to do this as quiet as possible, as to not disturb Lee and Connor.

Well, this time, I had a real uneasy feeling for some reason.

So I turned on ALL the lights on my way to the bathroom (which you can see from the front of the house, where the cars are parked).

They must have seen the lights come on, and booked it.

Luckily, it stopped with us.

I am so aggravated with this situation though.

The developers of this neighborhood have decided to rent out some of the houses in this subdivision.

Well, the newest tenants have A LOT of visitors.

All hours of the night.

I know, because their music wakes me up often, as they are driving through.

Very shady looking individuals.
Drug traffic. Bottom line.

The new tenants drive very nice vehicles, and have nice things, and CLAIM that they have won the lottery.......a lot.

Hahahaha.......uh, haha. YEAH RIGHT!

I've called the developers, and informed them of all these things.

Something had better be done about it. Bottom line.

I am very irritated. I want to feel safe in my own neighborhood. Bottom line.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I knew before it did.

I had a feeling I knew, ya know?


Approximate due date: April 19th, 2010

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good neighbors are hard to find.

I have never lived in a neighborhood with such good neighbors!

(Yes, that is Connor and Noah in a BARBIE, baby, hot!)

Our kids play together, and we hang out.

I love small neighborhoods!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm excited.....

About these new letters I have posted to my website Frame The Alphabet.
This is one of Connor's curls. Cute, huh?

This was at the Capital building in SLC.
(Doesn't this bench make the perfect R?)

Again, Capital building.

Yet again, Capital.

Temple square, SLC.
I got a ton more,but these pics have already become the new favs of my customers.
Which is your favorite?
Visit my site to see the rest:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Open Letter.

So I really like this idea I saw over at On The Front Porch blog. Wendy has such a good sense of humor and I get a laugh daily. Read some of her open letters here and here.

Here is mine:

Dear Gym Goers,

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the purpose of going to the gym was to get sweaty, and let's out? However, I get the drift that most of you are there for other reasons. What, with all the cologne you are wearing, and the minimal amount of clothing that is covering your body, and LACK of sweat dripping off of you, one might get the wrong impression. That perhaps you aren't there to work out, but rather, you are there to pick up chics or to be part of a social cliche, or to look your best. For those of us who are there to use the gym for it's original purpose , we tend to get a little choked up by the cloud of fumes permeating off your body. Do you think that the 12.2 ounces of cheap perfume you put on is going to cover up the stench of your sweat, should you actually decide to break into one? However, I do get enjoyment out of watching a mini soap opera unfold before my very eyes. It is extremely interesting when things get a little monotonous on the treadmill to watch the girls fall all over one guy who clearly thinks he is Romeo. Only to see that girl A, has now found out about girl B. Oooh, can't wait til next week's episode. As for me, please don't talk to me while I am running, WITH headphones on(those aren't by accident), and try to strike up a conversation. I am not there to do anything but workout, and get an old fashion sweat on.


Dear Angry guy at the gym,
Why so angry? Is it all the pretentious gym goers? They make me angry too, I understand. But Angry guy, I think your anger goes deeper. You were hitting that punching bag like you saw a face in it that drove you to kill. Who has made you so mad Angry guy? Has someone offended you beyond your control? With all the muttering and mumbling to yourself, I have to believe that you were either talking to your inner voice, or practicing what you would say to the person that has made you so angry when you encounter them. Good luck with your inner demons. And remember, it's easier to smile than frown, so turn that frown upside down.
Nevermind that last statement. Forget I said anything.
I promise to stay out of your way Angry guy.
Dear Lady who sings out loud with headphones on,
You are at the gym, not an audition. You are singing loud, very loud in fact. People can hear you. And they are laughing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If you see me.....

Sailing through a parking lot on one of these,
just wave.

I haven't quite grown up yet.
Only if you see me next to the cart like this:

should you be worried.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


What to do?

I am a little torn here.

I have been having Anonymous visitors leaving comments.

It kinda bugs me a little, I don't like not knowing who said something to me.

And, how am I supposed to reply to someone that is Anonymous?

As of yet, I haven't had anything offensive left.......yet.

But I am sure it will happen.

I am sure I will be left feeling totally violated.

BUT, I don't want to have to make my blog private.

I don't want all of my comments left for others to now be Anonymous.

Any suggestions?!

* the person who left the last Anonymous comment:

I read your info, and it's not the same thing. In fact, I disagree with using hot sauce, I think it is cruel. A dab of vinegar would NEVER cause the tongue to swell or any adverse side effect similar to that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Better than time out.
Better than losing toys.
Better than spanking.
A lil dab of this on the tongue, straightens him right up!
Best thing ever.
We call it Yuck.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


He LOVED it!

Doesn't it look like this firework is right next to them?

He kept reaching for the sky saying "Boom-Boom"

*I am not sure why, but this year Our fireworks here were very.....uh, minimal.
Can't wait til Boomsday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


and the bread box was only $5

I love thrift stores.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am in love.......ahhhh.

Anyone want to support Crystal's "I don't need any more shoes, but I want---um..... I admire these shoes" fund?

They have a ton more shoes and clothing, and jewelry, and home decor, and......well just go check it out. Plasticland.