Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Baby blocks

I saw similar blocks on Etsy, and my budget wouldn't allow for them. Yikes!

So I decided to make my own.

Totally easy and inexpensive!

I just love the way the turned out!

First I went to my local craft store & bought nine 2.5" wooden blocks. They were a $1 each. I'm sure they go on sale from time to time but I'm in a time crunch here!

Start by sanding down the edges to round them off and make them smooth. This could be done by hand, but would be very tedious. I used our handheld electric sander.

I already had some scrapbook paper on hand, but picked up a couple extra sheets at the craft store. Then I used my 2.5" square punch to cut out the perfect little squares. These punches can be quite expensive, so I'd recommend borrowing one or waiting to use a half-off coupon if you're going to buy one.

Just break out the good 'ole mod podge! It's a water based non-toxic sealant.
Apply a coat first, then apply one of your paper squares. More mod podge on top. Be generous, you want your paper saturated. Clean up the edges though as you go.
I applied one last coat over the entire block after all my sides were done.

Done! Easy peasy!

Overall, I paid around $11-$12 for these. If I had waited for sales, it would've been even cheaper. But much better than the $40-$60 I would've paid on Etsy!