Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lego Party

What an absolutely fun party to plan!

Giant Lego on the front porch

One of my favorite decorations was the Lego wall we built out of juice boxes we wrapped up
Chocolate Lego men

Favor table

Lego men soap

Lego men crayons
Best thing ever. I might just keep it. A huge Lego coloring wall!
I spy the Lego guy
Lego toss
Memory game. Find the matching lego

Guess how many legos in the jar. Robert guessed it exactly.
Lego race. They had to pick up a lego with a straw and take it to the empty bowl.
Cheese crackers.
Lego pizza. These were awesome! Club crackers, sauce, cheese and pepperonis, who knew?!
Loved the little ice cube blocks in the water pitcher. Thank you dollar tree.
Birthday build. All the friends sat in a circle and passed around the legos and added one piece at a time. They really got in to it.
Ahhh, the cake. Awesome isn't it. I can't take credit though.

I love Connor's face here.
Yes, the cake deserves this many shots.

And......clean up time. This one last chocolate lego was left for me. Yum.