Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm no Betty Crocker.

But I learn quick.

The first batch...well..uh..let's just say it was a learning experience.

I got the fire out pretty fast actually.

Exhibit A

Mm-hmm. I filled the pans way to full, and they bubbled over and the drippings caught on fire.(uh, nooooo I wasn't thinking clearly, and didn't place a pan underneath to catch the drippings.)

"Fire! Fire!" I screamed in shock. I mean true shock. Like I said, I am no Betty Crocker, and I've never baked bread or cake or much of anything. I've also never caught the oven on fire, so a shock it was!

Since I catch on quick the second batch went much better. Nice to look at, and yummy as well!

Exhibit B

Ah. Much better.

Maybe there is hope of me becoming domesticated after all.

1 comment:

Laura said...

don't feel bad. in my days of becoming "domesticated" i blew up two glass pans...on different occasions might i add.