Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning sickness.

Why do they call it Morning sickness?
Why don't they call it:
"All day long, from the time you wake up, til the time you go to bed, no relief, no appetite, miserable, puke when you sneeze, sickness"

Yeah, That would be more like it.
Let's not deceive anyone.


Katy Beth said...

Totally agree. Hope it gets better soon, though!

Yo Mamma said...

For Real. I've always thought that it was just a misspelling. Let's face it: It is really mourning sickness. You are mourning the death of yummy food and a good mood.

Danielle Spangler said...

Hey, long time no see!! I found your blog from someone elses! Glad I did. Good to see your cute fam. Congrats on the next baby. I totally understand morning sickness (had it bad in TN with baby #2 if you remember). I was hoping that with #3 it would be better...nope. It was a girl and I was even worse. I wish I had good ideas to help. But, I don't. Just hang in there!!!

Ficklins said...

I am feeling for you ...I was sick for 9 long months. But I have to say...I have amazing kids so i think it is the trade off for it. I hope you are feeling better. Just keep the prize in sight! Chubby legs to pinch and cuddly kids to love.