Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hayley's Nursery. 

Pink and gray Nursery.

 Her nursery is finally finished! 

Well almost.... I'm missing a few pictures, but other than that, this is the finished product. 

Simple, elegant.

I wanted pale pink, pale gray and white. 

 I made this lamp that I saw on a Pinterest post here

 We took the 'Hayley' picture while we were in the Bahamas this summer. This was before we knew for sure what her name was, so we took several pictures with all the different names we liked! 

 This was the 'guestbook' from the baby shower. I absolutely love this idea. I got it from this Etsy shop here.
She has tons of others too!

I had the baby bedding custom made from this Etsy shop. Here. They allow you to pick the fabric!

This butterfly mobile came from this Etsy shop, here.

I wanted a white bookcase. It came from Target. I bought a white valence from Wal-mart, and then sewed yo-yos on the bottom. 

Some of the extras on the shelves:
 Got the giraffe piggy bank at Home Goods.

 I made the blocks, see my post here on how.

 A fantastic friend of mine made the doll. Her blog is here. You should follow her.

 I love the little porcelain birds I picked up here and there. A nice touch.

The Antique chandelier (seen in first photo) came from Lowes, here.

Target bookcase, here.