Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lady bugs in disguise......

So apparently, they aren't lady bugs after all! They are Asian Lady Beetles. These species come in a variety of colors and number of spots. Regular, true lady bugs are bright red with spots. These little creatures that are infesting my house are orange, red, some with spots, some without. Well, when you think of them as "beetles" they some how lose their cuteness....ya know? Some articles I read say that they can bite and carry diseases, however others say that they are beneficial to the environment. Hmmm.....don't think I want to find out.
Who knew! Guess you really can learn something new everyday!
here is one of the many links I read about these little creatures in disguise:

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Katy Beth said...

Yeah, they bite. Trust me....Good news is when it gets cold they usually go away! Yet another reason to love winter! Haha