Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Idea Mom.

"Ah, put the ball pit in the living room for Connor to play with. Don't put it upstairs in the playroom!"

Pictures do not do justice for this. It looks like a gumball machine exploded in our living room. 250 gumballs.

Good idea, huh?


Katina Angola said...

Been there, done that. Ball pit was popped with scissors.

Lindsay said...

cute pictures

Yackin'aboutYeagerYoungins said...

No complimentary airfare, but I'll make you a sweet deal. If you come before March 8, I will make arrangements with my people to have Connor fly for free. If you come after that, I'm sure I can hook you up once you get here with some extras like free museum admission, maybe a free dinner, and a rockin deal on "gettin your hair did"! I hear that mid-June is nice.