Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can honestly say.....

I have NEVER sewn before. Ever.

I got this nifty little "beginners" sewing machine for Christmas from my mother.

So I went out and bought all sorts of remnants (no need to start buying the expensive stuff, when I have nooooo clue what I am doing, right?)

So, I made a little.....

........well what is it? Jenny, some help here.....

(You see I stole the idea from her, she made one for Connor once)

Anyway, I was so proud of myself....pretty good, huh?


I mean seriously...... for not ever having so much as touched a sewing machine, more less

Threading a needle

Adjusting thread tension

Drawing up Bobbin thread....Bobbin? What? Do they mean "bobby pin?"

Bobbin winding

Presser foot lifter

Turning a square corner

Zigzag stitch


I had a lot to overcome here.

So I am pleased with my very FIRST sewing project.

Even if I don't know what it is, or when exactly I am going to use it.

Expect more showiness from me as I sew more "projects"


Laura said...

congrats! sewing can be so fun and intimidating. i look forward to seeing your new skirt on sunday,lol.

Katy Beth said...

It looks great! Congratulations!! You did an awsome job! Sewing is fun, but I have to admit I'm lost too!

Katina Angola said...

UUUM looks great! What is it?

cally said...


I'm so happy.