Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Funny how it changes.
I over heard some high school girls at the gym talking about when the came in and the "short, old lady at the front" told them something.
I say that because I know what short, old lady they are talking about. Short-yes, Old-no. She may be in her 40's.
This got me thinking how much our viewpoints change as we get older and wiser.

Remember when we were teenagers and everyone over the age of 25 seemed to be soooo mature and if you were over 40 then forget it, you may as well have one foot in the grave! I can remember thinking that you were "officially" an adult when you turned 30. Well that is only 2 short years away from me, and I don't feel OLD at all! I look at the people around me in my life that are 50+ and they seem to be so vibrant and young. Change in perspective? Why did anyone that age seem soooo old when we were younger?

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