Monday, February 2, 2009

Sooooo over it!

No playing outside.
It's all a very nasty combination that is taking me to the brink of insanity. Connor's toys have lost their "luster" and he is no longer interested. He doesn't like the snow, and it is too cold to go to the park. The playground at the mall...well, let's face it, it's inside! So it doesn't really count as a "playground". We have tried every possible thing to make the indoors exciting. We draw, we read, we chase each other, we sing and dance. I've even given in to letting him watch Elmo more than I'd like. Things are good for a while, then when Elmo is over.....the drama (aka whining) starts again. "Oh Elmoooooo, Elmoooo!" The persistant, heart felt cries for the one he loves so much are draining. All of these things combined is why I AM OVER IT! My child needs some kind of activity, and he is only happy outside!! What's a mommy to do?!?!
ANY suggestions?

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Laura said...

take him outside. they could care less about the weather. when he gets cold enough he'll enjoy the inside.