Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scarred for life.

[disclaimer: Prepare to be horrified. You've been warned.]

So I am driving down Broadway on my way to St. Mary's for a doc appointment. I get stopped at the traffic light to make a right turn in front of Fulton high.

Sitting there waiting [tapping fingers to music], I start looking around.

I peer over to my right, and mortified, I do a double take.

What. Is. That. Man. Doing?

[Bare butt shining like a full moon. I think I hear coyotes howling.]

Crouched down, with his pants down around his ankles, I see more of his business than I care to.

About this time, he reaches for a shirt and starts wiping his rear end.

[shrieks of horror escape me]

No. I. Am. NOT. Kidding.

This man was busy with his "#2" right there in broad daylight on Broadway.

Ladies and gentlemen I will be checking myself into the psychiatric ward immediately after this post. Please send gifts and well wishes.

I can honestly say I have seen it ALL.


Laura said...

i'm laughing and puking at the same time...eeeewwww!

Katy Beth said...

Funny in a odd sort of way...but like Laura said, Ewww!

Yo Mamma said...

Yow-zu!! That's more than I've ever seen in new york city. At least it's good blogging fodder. you're suffering isn't wasted.

Katina Angola said...

That sounds about right for that area.

The Holler Hinckleys said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is so awful!
Funny but Awful. I am so sorry for you.
Hopefully... In time, you'll be able to finally forget that horrible image!!!

Yackin'aboutYeagerYoungins said...

I think that beats my "homeless man peeing on the other side of my window at marriott because he can't see through it and thinks it's a wall" story. I can't wait to tell Caden in the morning. Nothing makes his day more than a good poop story.